Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fabulous footwear

As I was going through the photos for this blog post I realised that I had taken the same photo, twice in one day, but with different shoes. I obviously felt at the time of 'snapping' that my footwear was a crucial part of the outfit. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that this is absolutely the case! I do admit that since the twins came along I seem to wear far more practical shoes than I ever have before and actually consider comfort over style most days, how my life has changed! When I worked in an office I thought nothing of planning an outfit around my shoes and gave not one thought to comfort or practicality. In fact as we had a uniform, and a manager who seemed to frown upon anything fashionable, this was my way of injecting some excitement into a dull job!

I do spend time now looking at all my beautiful shoes and wondering when I will go anywhere to wear them, I'm not sure gold stilettos will fit in at the baby group? Times are so bad that I recently bought a pair of high and impractical heels only to return them a few days later thinking that in reality I will not wear them and they were a waste of money. I know that as with everything times change and before I know it I will be back in my dancing shoes, until then I can look at them and enjoy all their memories!

Anyway, I digress from the outfits! These are actually from yesterday. Today I have worn my yoga pants and a t-shirt all day, no make up and not even brushed my hair. We took the twins swimming this morning and then pottered around doing some chores and playing with the twins so had no need for anything else. In fact, my family joked 'didn't I want my photo taken for my blog today?' - I don't think anyone needs to see that thank you!

I went with my parents and the twins to Leicester and was excited to visit their John Lewis. Again, those of you who know me know that I love love love John Lewis, I can't help it, my sister and I were brought up shopping there and there is nothing you cannot find. It is my first, and sometimes only, port of call on a shopping trip and can't imagine living somewhere without one! Again, I digress...I wore my Boden spotted skirt with my navy Gap (similar) cardigan and Boden vest. I also wore the grey Calvin Klein tights I got in Tkmaxx and my Office blue brogues (similar). I have had these for a few years but rarely wear them and I am not sure why as I always think that they look cute. I do find that whenever I wear them people seem to stare at my feet as if they are thinking 'she is wearing blue shoes' and I'm not sure why as they are not exactly unusual? I also wore a vintage necklace that I got from my little vintage and retro shop in Beeston.

Just in case you were thinking that this post wasn't long enough already I have another outfit to show! Hubby and I actually went out together with out the twins last night whilst my parents babysat. We went to the Library at Beeston for some dinner. If you haven't been here we thoroughly recommend it. They do a selection of mini meals from which you pick a few and share them. We then went to see Great Expectations at the cinema which we really enjoyed. I had about, oh 3 minutes to get ready and put on a lace top from H&M and an old Gap denim skirt as well as my tan knee high boots I had years ago from Next.

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