Friday, 7 December 2012

A day with friends

We spent the day with two of my besties, Natalie and Alana, chatting eating cake and playing with my twins and their girls. We are impatiently awaiting the arrival of Natalie's baby boy due today, he seems very comfy in there. I think George will be happy to have another boy to play with!

Alana had spoilt us with delicious treats of homemade tart and blueberry cake, we happily polished this off with numerous cups of tea and generally had a lovely day. I put on something that would be easy to wear for sitting around all day and didn't require much thinking. I grabbed a simple grey t-shirt that I got from Tkmaxx and really like as it has a slight detailing at the back and so looks a bit cuter than just a plain t-shirt and some old jeans that I had years ago from Marks and Spencer. I wore a plain white Boden vest underneath. I thought that the grey studded boots I had a couple of years ago from Reiss would work really well with the outfit and I was pleased with how they looked but have to admit that at the last minute I pulled on my Uggs instead. The problem with the boots is that they are so high and not balanced very well so don't ever seem that easy to wear. I find myself wanting to wear them but chickening out!

I looked for some jewellery that would compliment the t-shirt and went for a quite strong look to balance the simple top. I actually can't think where I got this necklace from? I also put on my sparkly Primark ring.

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