Saturday, 8 December 2012

Equestrian envy

Yippee, it's the weekend which means hubby is finally off work and we could all spend some time together. As the twins normally sleep until around 8am they never see Daddy in the morning so when he is off and goes in to them their little faces get so excited! They start thrashing around and laughing and it is so cute. I know I am slightly biased but they are the most adorable things in the entire world.

Our Saturday mornings are generally taken up by swimming with the twins now so I just grab something which is easy to put on afterwards. This normally means leggings and today was no different. Yesterday my friend Natalie had on some lovely brown riding boots which I was very envious of! When I got home it occurred to me that I actually have some fairly similar and decided to pair these with a fern green cardigan from the Ralph Lauren outlet at Bichester Village and a white Gap t-shirt. I ended up looking like I was going horse riding! 

This evening hubs and my sister have gone to a concert so my cousin and me have eaten an absolute tonne of pizza and I am feeling pretty full as I type this!


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for reading and always commenting on my blog :) I love your style too! By the way, I believe I have the same riding boots as you! I bought mine when I was in London about 6 years ago and I still wear them! I believe the line is Gerry something?

  2. Hi Shauna, I've just noticed this, no one really comments on my blog so I am very excited to see one from you! I LOVE your blog, especially the finds of the week! I have had these boots for ages too, I can't think who they are by but they were inexpensive and I love them, you should post them on your blog! Merry Christmas :-) xx