Monday, 10 December 2012


A quick post before I head off to my Monday night yoga class. I absolutely love this class, the teacher is so good and makes you feel that you've done well as long as you've tried your best irrelevant of what level you are at. I can see the difference it is having on my body as well. I never thought I would be one to go for yoga but am so glad I gave it a try. It is like exercise but without the sweat!

The twins and I popped into Beeston today to get out of the house for a while. I visited my favourite vintage shop, I'd not been for a while and it was stocked full of goodies. I love to look at all the vintage and retro pieces they have, it's like a mini museum! I contemplated a navy tweed jacket which was very on trend and would have looked nice with jeans. It fitted well but had quite chunky shoulder pads and I couldn't see how I would get them out without some serious sewing and so decided against it. I picked up a Ladybird book on shopping for the twins and took a chance on a purchase for me. I saw a mustard yellow pure wool pencil skirt but there was no price, when I checked it was part of a set and came with a jacket. It was marked down to £15 but I wasn't really interested in the jacket. I had another look and fitted the jacket on which was nice. I didn't try the skirt as I wanted to have tights etc on and couldn't be bothered to squeeze in the tiny fitting room with the twins! I decided to give it a chance and go for it, I am really hoping the skirt fits as I think I will wear it with quite a few things. I took the jacket to a little sewing shop and got some different buttons which blend better.

I will post some pictures when I've sorted the buttons and styled the skirt (hopefully) how I like!

My outfit today was quite simple, my Boden nautical top, (what's new!) this one is almost a sweatshirt fabric so thicker for the winter. I also wore the dark denim Gap jeans my Mum kindly gave me. They are a great fit so am pleased with them for free!

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