Monday, 14 January 2013

A little lace

I have found that using my phone to update my blog means that I can only add a few photos at a time otherwise it seems to freeze it! Here is another of the outfits that I wore during my absent days ha, ha. I actually really liked this one, I never would have worn leggings as purely trousers before but my hubby persuaded me it looked ok? Thinking about it, I wore this to go into work to sort out returning so maybe I don't like it after all!

I wore the lace top that I have posted on here before from Ralph Lauren at Bichester Village, I think it is just so lovely! My Boden leggings which I have been thinking may be in need to renewal? And a cardigan I recently picked up off eBay. It is from whistles and was £15! Bargain! It is really comfy and smugly so hopefully I will be able to throw it over anything. I finished the outfit with my black and brown riding boots and a leopard print scarf my beautiful friend bought me for my birthday.

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