Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A very cold day

Today has been absolutely freezing, literally, hasn't it!? Not helped my mood defrost by having to go and try on new t shirts for the big 'return to work' although it almost pains me to say so, a teeny tiny bit of me is looking forward to it! Is that terrible? Surely even work is easier than twins ha, ha! And as I know ALL my new shift are regular readers (yeah right!) here's a hello to them!

Anyway, on with more pressing matters, the clothes. I am trying to wear more things that I have sitting in my wardrobe unworn and unloved and so when I stumbled across this shirt I thought I'd pop in on over my jeans. In fact, I have just thought of a positive on the work subject, whilst looking for my uniform in the loft, I found some jeans I'd forgotten about! Not all bad then.

The shirt is an old Primark number which after wearing for half the day I realised had a rip in it. What is it with me and ripped clothes at the minute?! And there is a stain on the sleeve. I decided that after today I was going to throw it away so it is now in the bin. I do normally take my clothes to the charity shop when I am tired of them or pass them to friends, eBay etc but this was only worthy of the bin I'm afraid. I wore the boden jeans I found which are actually 7/8th length for the spring really but as I was wearing boots it didn't matter and a cute leopard print belt, also from boden a long time ago.

Thinking about old clothes reminds me, what are you guys thoughts on clothes swapping? I keep seeing the idea on other blogs and love it so much. You basically bring clothes and accessories you don't wear and swap with your friends for things you will. Maybe that's something to look into if I get any interest? Anyway, I digress...after the work thing my mum and I went to MacArthur Glen outlet for a mooch around. I picked up the fab pink jeans from Gap I posted on Facebook and a cute green checked shirt also for the spring.

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