Sunday, 3 February 2013

Relaxed weekend

I am writing this post in bed tonight where I have been for the past half and hour already. I know I look after my little twinlets day in day out pretty much on my own (apart from all my helping hands!) but for some reason with hubby being away it just seems soooo much more tiring! Only a week to go...

Anyway, I have had a nice weekend with a visit from my lovely lovely friend Anna yesterday and a pretty chilled out day with my sister today. I totally forgot to take a photo of yesterdays outfit! How bad of me. Today all we were doing was going food shopping so I popped on a mustard yellow t-shirt and some jeans with my spotty converse. I think I thought/hoped it was warmer than it actually was and put on my denim jacket only to be absolutely freeeeeezing!

Right, off to carry on watching re runs of the comedy show Miranda, have you seen it? I didn't think it was for me but after seeing an episode recently I realise I was wrong and am obsessed!

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