Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stripes, what's new?!

Not much has been happening in our world in the past couple of days, we have pottered around doing a few chores and hanging out with my Mum and Dad. Today my Mum and I (and the twins) went for a cuppa in a coffee shop in Breaston, CachePot? I think it's called? It was very nice. 

I had to take some jeans back to Matalan this afternoon as they had the left the security tag on, how annoying. I was, however, pleased to find that they had now been reduced to half price and they gave me the difference back! They are really fab and I am looking forward to wearing them although they are more of a spring jean as they have a pale floral pattern. 

Yesterday I was inspired by The Only Way is Essex as one of the girls has hair in the same style as me! She had the front of hers up and it looked really cute. I am not too sure that it worked on me though. Maybe I need a team to do my hair and make up? I wonder how I could arrange this...

I wore an old red and white striped Topshop cardigan which I love, a white t-shirt and the Matalan jeans.

Today I decided I had waited long enough for spring and, as it is clearly not going to happen in a hurry, I cracked out my new striped Boden dress. I am loving this! I ordered it in October and have been waiting weeks for it. It is a thick cotton material and I think that I will wear this time and time again. In fact, it was the dress I was waiting for to add to my 30 for 30 challenge so I'll try and work on that over the next few days.

I wore it with a yellow Boden plaited belt, a navy Gap cardigan and my Next boots which I don't know how I lived without? I am aware that I could do with a bit of a tan on my arms!

I was thrilled to see that someone had emailed me from a fashion blogging site, I have not had chance to look at it properly yet but how great to be contacted about my little blog! Check it out for yourselves... wwwoutfithive.com

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