Friday, 22 February 2013

Expedition Ikea

We all knew that the real reason my family had visited was to make a trip to our local Ikea so we met them there this morning. (I'm only kidding, I know this isn't true really!!) Firstly we had to make a trip to the coffee shop to claim our free tea and coffee and start the day properly! I also found out that my cousin is my blogs top reader as he was up to date and knew about my blog entries in detail including where my clothes are from. I have to say I was very impressed and if there was an award for most blog knowledge he may win it!! Haha, are you embarrassed enough Neil?!

We then began the mammoth task of finding our way around. Luckily this was no problem as we visit about once a week! We wandered around and got a few bits and bobs. At the end my sister and I somehow managed to leave our trolley in the store. We had paid for the items and are convinced 'someone' said they were taking them to the car as we had the twins but they hadn't! Luckily they had been found when we phoned the store and my sister has collected them tonight.

The afternoon was more chatting and baby cuddles for me off the adorable Niamh. A lovely couple of days.

As you can see today Matilda and I dressed as twins again. I love this! I wore a striped Breton from Boden which I like as it is a bit thicker fabric and my Fat Face navy chinos. I also wore the M&S tan belt and my spotty converse.

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