Friday, 1 March 2013

Mickey Mouse

Well I had big baby group plans for this morning which were ruined by that pesky twin Matilda who decided to wake us all up at 5.30am, I mean really, Tilly, this is the middle of the night! I was exhausted by the time she re-woke and Jonny got up with them whilst I slept and I woke up too late and feeling too rubbish to go out. I was really disappointed as I have not seen the girls for a while with one thing and another.

I decided there was one thing to make me feel better and put on my Mickey Mouse t-shirt! Mickey is sure to make you smile! I got this in Disney World when we were on Honeymoon. I wore it with my Matalan jeans, Primark trainers and a hoodie as we were going for a nice walk this afternoon with my friend Natalie. We had a lovely walk around the University grounds, pushing 4 kids up all those hills was sure to burn off the tea and scone we had in the cafe!

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