Friday, 31 May 2013

No time to tan...

We have both had the past few days off work and have been busy sorting out the house and clearing out ready for the big move. We have yet to be given a date for completion but things are moving along quickly so it can't be too long! Needless to say we are very excited, in fact, we have been to have another look around today and loved it even more than before.

That said, I have had no time to apply any fake tan despite the sunshine making a guest appearance today and I am very pasty as you will see on the photos!

On Wednesday I managed to fit in a shopping trip to Bicester Village with my Mum, sister, Aunt and cousin. I didn't actually spend too much. I replaced a Cath Kidston bag that had got stained and ruined and found this skirt for the bargain price of £25 in Karen Millen...

I am very happy tonight as I have found a page on Facebook where you can buy and sell Boden items. I have been on the look out for somewhere to sell my pre loved clothing that is not Ebay as I really dislike them. There is a dress agency in Beeston but I find them very rude and by the time they take all their over the top 'fees and handling' and 60% and anything else they can find to charge you for you barely get anything. I am on the look out for ways to sell things so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Todays outfit was thrown together quickly after Pilates as we were running low on time and needed to do a food shop (yawn!) I put on white linen Matalan trousers and the cotton top I had for my birthday from White Stuff with little people all over. I even dug out some flip flops for their first outing of the summer!

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