Saturday, 21 September 2013

A time for yellow

It seemed like the temperature had dropped somewhat today which pleased me as I have been wanting to wear my new yellow jumper from Uniqlo. I got this a few weeks ago on a trip to London and was really pleased to find it. I had seen a more expensive version in topshop but I am always reluctant to buy from there. I find that they are overprice and poor quality. In fact, I very rarely venture through the doors, a 32 year old mum with a double buggy is not exactly their demographic! Needless to say I was happy with this for just under £20! 

I briefly mentioned my London shopping trip a couple of posts ago so I will elaborate! Recently I have been selling a load of clothes I no longer wear/like/fit on some Facebook selling pages and good old eBay! I had made quite a good stash of cash and so saved it to look in some shops we don't have here. I found today's jumper in Uniqlo and a tonne of stuff in Banana Republic! I really should take some photos but my goodies included a much needed navy cardigan, a thick cotton red and black striped skirt and black tshirt to go with and a neutral coloured jumper. I could have bought so much in there! It felt like it was exactly my style and with 20% off you can't go wrong! 

I am wearing my khaki Boden trousers and a white Gap tshirt. 

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