Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Same old, same old!

Looking back over the past few blog entries I notice that all my outfits are pretty much the same. In fact, the one day recently I have worn a dress I forgot to take any photos! I really must make more of an effort to try new things! I guess I always come back to the same old problem, I need to be more practical now with the twins literally running all over the place. I can't really wear a mini skirt and £20 tights on the play park can I!?! (Huum, maybe I can, I am still 'me' underneath the mummy veil?!) 

Speaking of tights, I have been excited by a fairly recent purchase! I ummed and aahed over some boden ones but they had such good reviews and 20% off I ordered them a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the weather to cool. They come in a sensible black and grey and a funkier turquoisey/green and plum.  Now I re read this paragraph I realise what a loser it makes me to be so exited over tights but there you have it!

Here are the outfits from the past few days. I wore my fab new denim shirt from Gap that I was pleased to get 30% off a few weeks back, a striped T also from Gap and some boden trousers which are my new 'go to' item!

On the other photo I am wearing a boden top from a seconds shop I have found on Facebook. I will find the details and post them but there is a fab lady who sells last season or slight seconds, over stock that sort of thing. Mainly boden but some white stuff and other bits too. And loads for kiddies! This was current season boden vastly reduced! I love the cute pockets. The jeans are Next and the scarf was a gift from my lovely bestie, Anna. 

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