Monday, 16 September 2013

Spots and errrr cots...

We are totally upside down the the Harris household this morning! The lucky twins are having their bedroom decorated so their cots and half their stuff is in our room (and blocking my wardrobe...wonder if I won't be able to work later if cant reach uniform...?!) and we are on the sofa bed which is now blocking the living room as I can't work out how to put it back! 

We escaped this morning to meet our friends at the soft play place, we only went on Friday but anything that tires these pair out gets my vote! I put on what I could reach which was these fab skinny combats from boden. I love them soooo much already! I had a very similar pair that are now too big and was so pleased to find these practically identical ones. I can feel them being a firm favourite. I wore a striped cardi from Primark and a vest and my spotty converse. You can see some of the chaos from the photos! 

Yesterday I wore my scruffs all day as we were stripping the wallpaper all day in preparation for today but Saturday saw me wearing my lovely turquoise boden jeans until Matilda threw a blackberry on me! Lucky for her it came out in the wash! I wore a jumper from the boden teenage range, I really recommend this, it has some cute pieces and is cheaper than their main line! My tshirt is Gap from when they had 30% off and I stocked up on a few goodies but that's for another day! 

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