Sunday, 20 October 2013

Aaannnnd relax its rest days

Aaaah finally I am sitting down browsing the internet whilst watching British Bake Off. Twins asleep, toys packed away, pomegranate flavour cuppa...sometimes it really is the simple things. For those four days that I am at work I literally feel like I don't get a spare 5 minutes so it is lovely to relax for the evening. I think I'll even have a bath before watching The Paradise!

Because of my uniform getting in the way of my outfit choices ha,ha I have not worn very much other than that and my pj's the past couple of days. Todays post shows my outfit from Friday I'm afraid. Back to normal for a few days tomorrow! 

I am wearing my Hobbs NW3 skinny jeans with a Gap white vest and denim shirt. I also wore my new little ankle boots that I recently posted and were a bargain from ebay. Ooh, I nearly forgot my beautiful leather jacket. I got it from a secondhand clothes selling page on Facebook. It is a Kate Moss for Topshop one and it is so lovely, the lady I bought it from had clearly loved and looked after it and I am happily doing the same. You really can't beat a nice bargain can you? Speaking of which, I think I'll go and peruse the Boden mid season sale in the bath...heaven!

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