Monday, 21 October 2013


It has felt like a really long day today, probably because little miss Matilda decided that 3.30am was a good time to wake and not really go back to sleep and at 6.30am I decided to cut my losses and let the day begin! We were going into town to meet my Mum and the weather was terrible, it has felt like it has poured all day long. 

I decided to go a little bit nautical today but with a striped skirt rather than a striped top for a change. This one is a Boden summer sale bargain, I had my eye on it all summer and snapped it up for around £20 I think towards the end of the season. As you can see from the photos I was enjoying seeing if the skirt could twirl! I was struggling to know what top to wear with it. I think I am in need of some more tops? I decided on a plain grey t-shirt from Gap as I was going to wear grey boots which I didn't mind getting wet. I wore an old favourite, my chunky Primark pearl necklace to complete the outfit.

The final outfit shows my favourite purchase in a long time. Some reindeer leggings! I know it is 'not even November' you know who you are, thanks for reminding me! But there were hardly any left and it doesn't need to be Christmas to rock some reindeer print leggings, does it?

I know you are all loving the carpets at the new house! This one is actually going next weekend and I cannot wait, which reminds me, I must book the decorator!

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