Thursday, 3 October 2013

Feeling sheepish?

Here are the outfits from the past couple of days. I tried to post the first one yesterday but for some reason it seemed to disappear without a trace and I was too tired (and watching gogglebox - how funny!) to re do it! Anyways, my skirt and jumper are both from Banana Republic. I mentioned on here that I love their clothes and feel both happy and sad that there is only one store in London. It's nice because no one in Nottingham really has much of their stuff but bad for me (although Jonny will disagree!) as I can't go there every other day! 

I loved this skirt when I saw it on the website and was pleased to snap it up. The jumper is from their more casual collection and is a really soft silky fabric. Unfortunately the twins clothes seemed to be covered in Velcro fastenings yesterday and keep snagging on the material which did not please me!!

Today we popped to Mac Arthur Glen to get the Tillster some trainers from Clarks. I was thrilled to find out that they both need bigger shoes so we ended up with three new pairs. When wanting to look I. Kurt Geiger I tried the 'you had new shoes now it's mummy's turn' tactic but it didnt work and she screamed to come out the pushchair whilst poking a sleeping George in the face. 

I wore, for a change, my boden trousers. I also wore a plain white Gap tshirt and a fluffy gilet from Next. When I put it one jonny started laughing hysterically, pointing and saying 'what is that, look twins a sheep a sheep' which started them both looking at me and 'baaaahing' needless to say I ignored all three and wore it anyway! 

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