Friday, 4 October 2013


Today seems to have been full of DIY and house renovation related incidents. Mostly not very interesting! This morning was spend sorting the underlay for the carpets and arranging to see a decorator and the afternoon looking aimlessly at the recently broken shower hoping it will magically start working without me a) doing anything or b) paying for anything. That was as well as looking at the 'need to be fitted' roller blinds hoping they too will somehow cut and fit themselves. And despite well meaning comments from a friend, I know that they can 'easily be cut with a saw' and that re decorating a hallway and landing is simple (cough cough) it is not something I can be bothered to tackle! If you want to bring a saw and paintbrush feel free...and a new shower whilst you're at it!! 

Anyway, it's not all bad, I got lunch out from my Mum! Today's outfit consisted of a striped pink Gap tshirt which I am no longer loving, it seems to have gone all bobbly. A Gap denim skirt that I got yesterday for £6! Bargain and a bright pink gilet which matches one Tilly has perfectly. We know how I like a matching outfit or two! 

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