Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pyjama party

I absolutely love these new trousers from Boden. The second I saw them I knew that they would be just the thing for me, my decision was picking the colourway. They also come in pink and navy and I am very tempted with the pink too. I'm keeping my eye on them, the reviews are not great (people are you crazy!) so I'm hoping that Boden have a high level of stock left and put them in the sale at 50% off! I know that they do look a little like pyjamas but I really like them, they are so soft and comfy and look really cute. They are going to be lovely with sandals if this rain ever stops. I wore them the other day teamed with a grey Matalan tshirt, white pumps and a denim jacket both from Primark. My necklace is really old, I can't even remember where it is from as I have had it for so long but is a perfect match for the trousers. 

Speaking of cute sandals, I need to collect the new lovelies that I recently ordered from the Next directory. Last week I was lucky enough to complete some market research that involved trying on shoes and being paid for the pleasure! It was literally my perfect job! But I immediately spent the money on new shoes, typical. 

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