Sunday, 25 May 2014

The perfect jumpsuit

I have been on the quest for the perfect jumpsuit for months now. My obsession with them has even become a running joke with the most unlikely of fashionistas on my shift at work. I have search high and low, cheap and expensive and everything else in between to find one I love. I even have two hanging in my wardrobe but I am just not feeling them and one is a black jersey 'evening' style that I paid a small fortune to probably only wear once! 

Anyway, I was collecting some bits from Next the other day and had a few mins to spare and popped into Matalan next door. I wasn't even looking and there it was, the perfect jumpsuit! I knew all along I'd know when I saw it and I was right. It was a bargain price of £16 and fits perfectly. I have found that although I'm not overly tall at 5'7 many of the ones I tried on were too short in the body, this one fits like it was made for me. It has hung in my wardrobe for a while whilst I decided for sure, decisions, decisions, and yesterday seemed as good a day as any to wear it. I was only going to get some sandals for Matilda but it is prefect for throwing on for a shopping trip or similar as it requires no thought or coordination with other things! I teemed it with some Gap shoes and a Primark denim jacket and gold accessories.

And please excuse the dodgy phone case, after smashing the screen and spending a ridiculous amount to fix I thought I'd better play it safe!

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