Thursday, 12 June 2014

A swish and a twirl

I ordered this fab-u-lous skirt from Next a few weeks ago and it has been hanging in my wardrobe ever since. I have had it out on occasion, tried it on, even bought a vest to wear with it but had still to decide if it was a keeper. I find I am often like this, I regularly buy things, get them home and then change my mind. In fact, I am terrible for it. But I like to make an informed choice! And by the time I get home I've often changed my mind, or remembered I have something similar...terrible, I know, I know...

But I digress, I tried it on again yesterday. I was going to town with the twins and my Mum and decided to just go for it. It is a little different to something I would normally wear and it has a lot of fabric but I loved it. It felt really comfy and I felt like it looked nice. And George said 'mummy's pretty' when I put it on so what better confirmation could I need! 

I wore it with a simple white vest from Topshop and my trusty Matalan sandals.

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