Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I decided to go for the red/pink trousers before it gets too cold to wear them, the temperature seems to have dropped over the past few days and you can tell it is September tomorrow. I am always sad to see the summer end, I really like the sunshine (if we actually get any!) and all too quickly it is back to tights and boots and cold, cold nights at work! I have even packed away my summer clothes for the year and dug out my winter boots. 

The trousers are from Primark, the shirt was from Gap a couple of years ago and I don't think I wear it enough and forgot how much I like it. I am wearing my leopard print pumps that seem to go with everything and a new cuff from Primark, I think it was £2! Bargain.

As I was sorting out my clothes I had a bit of a sort out of my make up etc in my bedroom, previously all my make up was in a clear acrylic box on my drawers but this looked ugly so I've put it all away in a drawer and put some nicer looking things out on show. I got the little tray, which I assume is mean to be a sandwich tray, from the Sue Ryder retro charity shop as well as the pink jug which I have put flowers in for now. I moved the jug ad bowl from upstairs to put my brushes etc in and added the little vase which was my Nan's. I think it looks very sweet! 

The portraits were taken at the wedding this weekend, don't they look fab! Really finish the area off.

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