Monday, 19 September 2011

Vintage Jewellery

I know I have been terrible at updating my blog recently, I have finally got around to taking some photos this morning and sitting down to write something again. 

Last week the hubby and I took a trip to London for a few days as a late anniversary treat. We had a great time doing some touristy things like Buckingham Palace, afternoon tea at the Ritz and, of course, some shopping! 

On the Saturday we went to a vintage fair at Bethnal Green and I had a wander around the fabulous Brick Lane and surrounding shops at Shoreditch. I absolutely loved it but I think I need to take a return trip with my Sister and Mum as it wasn't really his thing!

I didn't actually buy much for myself, we managed to get a few early Christmas present though! Amazingly early! I did get this lovely vintage necklace, it was from a lovely shop in Angel and I fell in love with it. I have worn it loads already. It wasn't as cheap as the normal vintage prices I am used to paying in Nottingham at £45 but as a treat it was worth it. In fact, we had a conversation with the girls in the shop about how expensive things were by comparison to other cities and they were envious of the amount of vintage places (and prices!) we have here.

My other find was the watch. This was from the fair and was £10. Not a bad price. I have been wearing this as a more 'pretty' watch as my normal one is not so delicate. 

I thought I would also show you some of my vintage brooches too. The green one is a Gap brooch I got new a few years ago, I'm not sure it would be classed as vintage yet but it has that look about it! The others I found on Ebay and were all under £2! There are some great ones to be found on there.


  1. Those brooches are pretty!

  2. Thanks! Really love them..always on the look out for pretty (and cheap!!) ones x