Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Birds, bows, blue...and baby (slings)

This Monday morning my friend, Natalie and I, decided to take a  (dangerous for our bank balances) trip to Ikea. Details about the outfit later but Natalie kindly allowed me the best accessory and let me wear her swanky new baby sling with beautiful baby Freya in so I could carry her round! I should have got a photo of it but needless to say I was very excited! 

We decided to go for the 99p breakfast with free cups of tea, bargain of the day. After we had shopped we went back for cakes and more free tea!

Anyway, the outfit...I am wearing a shirt from the NW3 range at Hobbs which I got earlier in the year with a £25 off card from a magazine. It has little birds printed over it and I love the bows on the shoulders. I wore it with an old Gap denim skirt and, for this photo, my lovely blue Office brogues which when I wear people always look at strangely, like 'err is she wearing blue shoes?' If I'm honest I later changed into my Toms to try and wear them in a bit but the brogues look better!

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