Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stripes and decisions

It is four weeks yesterday until we jet off to the Big Apple. Needless to say I am starting to get very excited, I have decided that it is not too early to start planning what I am going to wear either, despite what my family say! So far I have my new White Stuff hand luggage bag out on the bedroom floor and I keep putting things in it as and when I think of them. So far I have my all important neck pillow from Kennedy Space Centre (ha, ha) two books, Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe and The Slap. Has anyone read them? Are they worth saving for the flight? The card game Uno and some new pyjamas I am saving until we go! I know, I know, I am really sad!

As if organising my hand luggage wasn't enough of a worry I need to think about clothes, obviously. As the weather could go either way at the end of October I am feeling quite challenged. I also have to share a suitcase with my husband which will be awful! Share a case!! We are all travelling in one car to the airport so with 5 of us there won't be too much room. 

I have put the clothes I am thinking of taking at the end of one of my wardrobes and keep changing them everyday as I think of different things. I am aiming for some things that I can mix and match. Shoes are also a worry, I am taking my comfy brown boots, some plimsol pumps which are also good for walking, my leopard print ballet pumps and am toying with the idea of my blue brogues and brown Uggs? The brogues are good if it rains and of course the Uggs are comfy and go with everything. This is all before I even think about what jewellery and accessories I take, I'm thinking one bag, my Mulberry Anthony as it's small but can fit enough in for the day and as it has a shoulder strap I won't have to carry it. Decisions decisions, I think it's a good job we still have four weeks to go. My husband on the other hand seems to be quickly tiring of hearing "lets look in my wardrobe at clothes for NY"

Anyway, enough of that for now, onto todays outfit. I was feeling very tired from long shifts over the weekend and two night shifts so got quickly dressed to pop to the local shops and to my parents for tea. I put on a t-shirt dress from Muji, a navy Abercrombie and Fitch cardigan, H&M leggings (which have about had it, thin and out of shape) some tan ballet pumps from Primark and my tan belt from Marks and Spencer.

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