Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Uuum chocolate...

Today we finally managed to use the voucher we had for a Christmas present...just in time before the big arrival(s) It was for a chocolate making morning at a shop in Nottingham. To be honest, it wasn't the most taxing of mornings, we didn't actually 'make' any chocolate or do much with it as it was already melted and we just poured it into cookie cutter shapes and added some bits on top! But, we got to go together and we had fun which is the main thing. And we got to bring them all home!

Ignore my unwashed hair and the fact that I look like I've eaten enough chocolate to last me a lifetime!

Although I know I am meant to be resting we wanted to make the most of hubs being off and as we had to drive through town to get home decided to stop off for some lunch and a teeny tiny bit of shopping! We went to an Indian restaurant in the Corner House where they do a nice lunchtime menu and I had a lovely chicken wrap. We stopped off at John Lewis (of course!) to order a base for the car seat and someone could not resist treating the twinnies to a frog and ladybird sun hat! And no, for once it wasn't me!

We then popped to The White Company, most amazing shop for children's clothes (and general gifts) ever but normally quite pricey, however, we now have an 'outlet' floor which I love as they have clothes and accessories up to 70% off and you can pick up some amazing bargains. I got a pinafore dress and cardigan for baby girl twin and dungarees and a t-shirt for baby boy twin...all 4 things came to £30! 

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