Monday, 16 April 2012

Vintage Shopping

I briefly popped into my favourite vintage shop on Saturday but had the hubby in tow and so barely got to look at anything. A few little lovelies caught my eye and as it had been sooooo long since I looked at anything other than baby things I was keen to have a proper look. I know I am meant to be resting so parked near and took it easy and I've sat down for the rest of the day (Mum if you're reading!!) 

On Saturday I did manage to pick up this lovely pearl necklace for the bargain price of 95p! It is so simple and pretty and has a cute clasp to do it up, I could not believe the price. Today I found this leather clutch, it looks a different colour on the photo, it is more a tan colour and has a suede trim, also a bargain at £2.95. From the lining inside, bold stripes, I would guess that it is 1980's.

I loved how some of the items they had in today had little labels telling the buyer about then, for example there were some cute black shoes saying that the owner had worn them to Buckingham Palace when her Father got an award. Another saying it was from John Lewis is the 1960's and was the height of maternity fashion when she bought it. If only I had seen it a few months ago! I think it's nice to find out about the history of the clothes. 

To be honest, there wasn't a great deal that I actually wanted to buy today and I even over heard the shop manager complaining she didn't have much 'good' stock, there was plenty to look at though and they had done the displays nicely. I wanted some vintage buttons but didn't see any that really interested me.

I did find the cutest little dress for baby girl twin, it said it was from the 1980's and looks just like what my Mum would have dressed my sister and I in. At £2.95 it was another bargain and in perfectly beautiful condition. I found the book as well for my hubs to add to his growing 'library' for the twins. It is a 1970 edition 'What Daddies Do' and explains where all the Daddies go to work everyday, including his job. The paper cover is a little ripped but inside is in great condition and the pictures are lovely.

Finally I got 3 items of clothing, it is quite hard to choose things when you have a massive tummy and cannot try anything on but I 'guesstimated' that these skirts will be ok and figure, worst case, I can use them for the fabric. I have washed them to put away for the summer when I am not stuck rotating my limited maternity collection! All 3 things were £4.95, 2 are 'designer' finds and the red/green flowery one is from St Michael (M&S). At the time I thought I would change the buttons on the shirt but now I am not so sure? I'll have to see when I try it properly. 

All in all not bad for an hour out the house. Luckily it is local and so I will be able to pop in once the twins are here, hopefully they can fit a double pushchair!

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