Friday, 5 October 2012

New trainers

I popped into town today with my Mum and the twinnies, as usual they stole the show and we could barely walk anywhere without someone stopping to talk to us. I have to say that this novelty has still not worn off. I love it and am amazed at how many people look at the pushchair and say 'aaah twins' or 'look twins' literally everywhere we go people stop to talk to me and ask about them and I don't mind one bit. One comment today did make me laugh, everyone always asks how old they are and when I said 4 and a half months she said 'wow and you're dressed and out the house?!' I mean really do people think I sit in all day just because I've got twins?! 

I get asked the same questions over and over but I don't mind -  they are always some combination of...
'how old are they?'
'how much did they weigh?' 
'2 boys?' me - 'no Matilda is a girl' them 'oh, yes of course' 
'One of each, aren't you lucky the perfect family' - of course I know I am very lucky indeed but it does always surprise me that people think this, surely any combo is amazing!
'double trouble, I bet they are a handful'
'are the good?'
and the best 'are they identical?' me - 'no, they are a boy and a girl!'
Now, like I say I really don't mind and actually quite like it but if you see me out try and come up with a new question ha, ha!

Anyway, on to the clothes! I decided that I would wear my red skirt again today but this time paired it with my dark denim shirt which I got from Ralph Lauren at Bichester Village. I wore my old leopard print pumps again and my trench that I also got from Bichester. After I took the photos I tied the belt at the back of the coat and it gave it a nicer shape.

Apologies for the very blurred photo.

I keep looking at some leather trainers from Boden which look really cute and would be practical for walking around with the pushchair but had been put off by the £50 price tag. I decided to look in Primark today to see what they had and found some identical to the Boden ones. They were £8. Wow, bargain! Ok, so they aren't leather but are perfect for what I want and seem comfy. I have tried to upload a photo but it doesn't seem to be there so I'll post them another day but they are a dark tan colour. I also got a couple of pairs of coloured tights, one mustard and one olive green at £2 a pair!

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