Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sunshine yellow

Today I wore my sunny yellow top and cardigan that I have had for years. Both were from Boden, the top was something crazy like £11 which I seem to remember being the reason I ordered it and was actually really pleased with it. I like the purple beading around the neck. Because of this I just wore my cute little bee necklace as it is simple. The cardigan was also in the sale.

 I wore my cute new trainers, they are seem comfy and so far I am really pleased with them. I think they will be great for all the walking I do with the twinnies. It's funny how my wardrobe has totally changed since having them and I am thinking if things are practical which I never bothered with before! 

At the last minute I remembered the pretty new bracelet my cousin got me from South Africa recently, the colours went well with the yellow top. When we got home these jeans had been delivered from Next. They were on a delay and since ordering them I had kind of decided not to keep them when the arrived. However, they look quite nice and hubby liked them so they are staying.

Now to spend the evening laying on the sofa recovering from the worlds biggest fish finger sandwhich at dinner with our lovely friends who finally got to meet the twins!

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