Monday, 5 November 2012

Back to yoga...

I am thankfully feeling much better than this time last week and have been able to make it to my weekly yoga. I have only been going for a few weeks but find that I really enjoy it and it is a nice relaxing hour of exercise after a long twinnie day. I could really feel that I had not been for 2 weeks though and am certain to ache in the morning. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound, I've booked pilates for tomorrow!

Today involved a little bit of gentle Christmas shopping for my hubby so I wont say anymore. Mind you he never reads this blog so I could list all his gifts here and be sure he'd still be surprised on Christmas day!

I decided to go for all the same colour way today and wore a berry coloured cord skirt that my Mum gave to me recently as she doesn't wear it and the slightly darker shade berry t-shirt I got from Boden in Birmingham. I found it to be a lovely comfy t-shirt and might have to order another colour whilst they have 20% off this week! I wore black tights as wasn't too sure berry tights as well would work, bit too much and my lovely collar necklace from Hobbs. I think it looked nice as frequently throughout the day my Mum kept commenting 'that necklace does look really nice with that t-shirt' ha ha thanks Mum!

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