Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mellow yellow

Today is of course, yellow in my journey through the rainbow! I was going to wear a yellow top and cardigan that I have, both from Boden, but these have been posted on here not too long ago and decided to try something different. 

We were heading off to Decathlon so that hubby could choose a selection of boring (ha,ha) presents for Christmas so I decided on something easy to wear. I have a mustard yellow top from Tesco and paired this with my Gap outlet bargain jeans and trainers. Very simple and boring really! I looked in my jewellery box for some yellow inspiration and found these little bird earrings which I have had for years, I think they were from Accessorise but I can't really remember. I also wore a necklace that includes yellow that my Mum bought me for my birthday. Oh, and I nearly forgot about my belt! This is an oldie Boden one. My nail varnish is Essie 'Don't sweater it'

I am off to the theatre tonight with my Dad. I haven't decided what to wear or if to bother to change at all? If I do I'll try and get a photo for the blog but time is going to be very tight as he is picking me up at 6.30 and the twins don't go to bed until 6pm! Hopefully my sister will make it in time to offer a spare pair of hands to hubby so I can get ready!!

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