Monday, 12 November 2012

Various violet

Today brings the rainbow challenge to an end with, of course, Violet. I was actually a little surprised to see that I have quite a few purple items in my wardrobe and was unsure what to go for. I started by putting on a Boden summer dress which was easily made winter appropriate with thick tights and a cardigan but didn't feel entirely comfy in it as it was a tiiiiinnneeey bit tight! And knowing I would be up and down off the floor all day with the twin lets I passed on it.

I then put on a simple t-shirt that I picked up from Old Navy when we were on our honeymoon in Florida a couple of years back, it is a nice staple and seems to have washed well to say it was only about $5. This was the point when I thought 'maybe now is the time to get down those clothes from the top of my wardrobe that have been too tight apres babies!' I have slowly been getting a few things down and fitting into them again (yay) but had a final few that still needed some work but what the hell, i'll try 'em!

I was pleased to find that my little denim skirt now fits which is always handy. I have another lighter one but prefer this one as it works with so much. This was a Gap sale bargain quite a while ago, I can't remember the price but less than £20.

I then got a bit carried away trying things on and found my White Stuff skirt I had for Christmas about 3 years back, this had not even fitted before I was pregnant but it fits now. Another yay! I didn't try the trousers and still have a couple more pounds to go before things look as I would like but I am still happy. I normally find it irritating when people go on "I've lost 12 pounds in 5 days" etc on Facebook so I apologise, but I am pleased so thought I'd share! I also wore a Fat Face cardigan which I have a vague memory of seeing, not getting and then asking my Mum to pick it up for me therefore never paying for it?!

Keep posted for some new style posts over the next few days and, of course, my outfits of the day.

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