Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Oooh we are so excited here for the twins first Christmas. Outfits all ready (for the twins!) and presents wrapped and ready to go in the morning. We spent the day visiting my friend and her lovely new baby and hanging out with my family. I decided to style it up with a Christmas headband that I got for the twins and they seem to think is hilarious!

I also wore my Boden leggings, brown Tesco boots, a white Gap t-shirt, Ralph Lauren shirt that I had when I was pregnant and have not really worn since but remembered how cute it was and like it with leggings. I also wore a cardigan from the Gap outlet which I really like. I put on a turquoise necklace from John Lewis, I like the contrast between the blue of the necklace and the orangey coral of the cardigan.

In preparation for the big day I have spent the evening painting my nails all Christmassy, red and glittery! 

Merry Christmas everyone, I will try to post again tomorrow when my little twinnies are all Christmassed out. Have a lovely day and thank you all for reading my blog all year :-)

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