Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The past few days

It has been a mixed few days in the Harris household, I mentioned the other day that we had been feeling ill and full of colds and that doesn't seem to have gone away! I have now progressed to a cough that keeps me and hubby awake at night and is beginning to drive me mad, I am hoping for a better night tonight so wish me luck!

Our friends arrived Monday lunchtime and we spent the afternoon relaxing and playing with the twins. They have been so much fun recently as they are sitting up loads more and are more playful, we can't believe they were 7 months old this week.

I wore my new striped t-shirt from the Gap sale and some old jeans from Marks and Spencer. We went to the Bulls Head at Repton for some dinner and tried their new pizzas. If you haven't been you should definitely try it, they have the nicest food. I have posted on here before about the fish and chip portions, crazy!

Yesterday we went into town to visit Thea Caffea for afternoon tea. I love it there, they do great cakes and lunches as well as the traditional afternoon tea with plenty of sandwiches and cakes.

I wore my red jeans and a light coloured leopard print top from H&M. It wasn't until we were leaving the car park that I thought I'd better take some photos for the blog. I like the colour combination of the red and yellow of my Tesco coat. My bag is my 30th birthday Mulberry. We were in the lift and I asked hubby to quickly take some snaps and he thought it was hilarious to photograph himself in the mirror saying 'you can put these on your blog' 

Here is Cass and I enjoying our afternoon tea.

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