Sunday, 16 December 2012

Road to recovery

I'm sorry that I've not updated my blog for ages now but the Harris household has been struck down with the dreaded lurgy this week and we haven't even got dressed the past few days! To be fair the twins have been absolutely fine, luckily, it has been hubby and I suffering. Being ill is a million times worse when you have babies to look after! We just wanted to lay around and sleep all day but they seemed to want to play and be fed and all sorts of other inconveniences! We have been feeling better today and are really hoping to be well by the morning as we are very excited to be getting two visitors. Hubby's friend and his lovely wife are here from Canada and spending a few days with us and the twins. We literally cannot wait.

On another exciting note, on 12.12.12 my amazingly lovely friend had her little baby boy and I can't wait to meet him, go away pesky lurgy, I wana see the baby!! What a great day for a birthday.

The last time I got dressed was on Thursday as I went into town with my Mum. I didn't need to get anything but somehow I was seduced by the Gap sale and picked up some blue jeans (I do want some from Spring and these were actually £19.99 despite showing as full price) a bright pink leather clutch (similar but w/o the tassel) and a striped t-shirt because I need another, right?

I wore my spotty Boden skirt and striped Clements Ribeiro cardigan with a navy Boden vest underneath and my vintage necklace. I noticed that the Boden sale started today but can't be bothered to look properly (I know, must be ill!) so will wait for the additional mark downs for a bargain.

I nearly forgot to mention, I have finally had my hair cut and coloured. It was long overdue and am really pleased with it. I generally find I come away from the hairdressers thinking it could have been better but this time I am very happy and love the colour.


  1. Aah thank you Kim! Really pleased with it, even Jonny said it was the nicest I'd had it!!x

  2. It's so sleek and shiny! Beautiful, really nice style :) suits you!