Thursday, 27 December 2012

Turkey and typewriters

Yesterday we headed over to my hubby's family for boxing day and I already knew that I wanted to wear my new dress from White Stuff. I loved it as soon as I saw it and when I got home I ordered it for Christmas, like I said before, I'm not one for surprises! When it arrived I gave it to hubby to wrap for me ha ha! I have actually had it for quite a few weeks and am so pleased I went for it as I didn't like any of the more recent dresses they had in. I love the unusual print on the dress, it has typewriters all over it, so cute and I love the colours. The greens and pinks will be so easy to match with my wardrobe. 

I wore it with a purple t-shirt that I have had for ages from Primark, it has become a bit of a favourite recently and has retained its shape well which is surprising. My Mum gave me some fab tights for Christmas, they are from Next and have a geometric type pattern all over them and are a really lovely shade of green, they looked great with the dress. I also wore the fabulous pink boots I had on on Christmas day and my chunky pearl Primark necklace.

I am determined to wear these pink boots more than I have which shouldn't be hard as I can't actually recall wearing them before. I had them at least 4 years ago and at nearly £200 were ridiculously expensive. I think I felt that I would really wear them but never have and have vowed to get my moneys worth from them! I always feel that they are a hard colour to wear but have been really happy with them combined with my new pieces so watch this space for, hopefully, more outings.

Finally before I go and climb into bed after an exhausting couple of days I would like to give an extra special mention to my fabulous cousin-in-law Gemma who it seems is my top blog reader/fan and always looks so lovely she should star on my blog. Can't wait for the shopping trip!

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