Thursday, 17 January 2013

Flyaway dress

I am really hoping to get the computer back today which will make like so much easier! It's amazing how much I rely on it. In just the past few days I've had to go into the bank to make a transfer, struggled to book yoga as my membership number is automatically stored when I log onto the gym and had to do my Ocado shop on my phone! And that's not including updating my blog which is not easy on my phone and I don't think it works as well.

Anyway, I will struggle on for you faithful readers! I have taken some photos today of my recent sale purchases which I will post later if I get chance. Until then, here is the outfit of the day.

I wore one of my sale purchases, a dress from anthropologie which is really cute. It was half price from £98 to £49 and I think it is a little bit different. It has a t-shirt material on the top half and the bottom is a stiffer cotton with birds stitched onto it. I feel like it needs to be worn for a while to 'soften' a little as the skirt is quite stiff. There are little pockets as well which I always like on a skirt. I wore my navy Primark tights with the thicker feet in to wear with boots and a new necklace. This was also from anthropologie and was reduced to £14.95 from £48! Bargain! I love a statement necklace and this is really pretty. They had it in green as well but they were all sold out unfortunately as I do like green.

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