Saturday, 19 January 2013

Baby it's cold outside..

Today has been the third day that I have spent inside the house without putting a foot out the door and if tomorrow is the same I may start to go slightly mad! Thank god for the laptop back! At least today hubby was off work and due to the weather we decided to have a day chilling out with the twins and did, well, a whole lot of nothing. To be fair, the snow isn't really that bad at all here, we don't have much but at 8 months the twins are too young to go outside and play in what we do have. 

Needless to say I didn't really bother when getting dressed today! I put on an old faithful Boden striped t-shirt that I have had for ages and worn a million times and my Decathlon yoga pants which are great for sitting around playing with the twins in. I didn't bother with make up or even brushing my hair, lovely! The twins didn't even get dressed!

I have my eye on these trousers. I really fancy some colourful/patterned trousers for the spring, what do you think? I am so sick of winter, is it spring yet?

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