Friday, 18 January 2013

Gotta love the sales!

I was very lucky to be given some money for Christmas as well as all the fabulous gifts i received. Those of you who know me will know that I do not like surprises and like to choose things for myself and I love a bargain, so money to spend in the sales was perfect!

I found that many of the sales started even earlier than usual this year and I had some things ordered before Christmas let alone before the New Year. I do love the shop Anthropologie and this is one of the few places that we don't have anywhere near here, being near this would be an advantage! (maybe not to my bank balance..!) it is the kind of shop that you need to have a good browse in and look at all the little bits and pieces so it's not ideal online. That said, a bargain is a bargain so I was pleased to see the sale link in my emails. I picked up a cream jumper which I have shown on here before, and the fox t-shirt also shown. This was actually from the spring line and not the sale (boo) but I liked it enough to go for it. 

I picked up a navy dress that I was wearing in yesterdays post which is better shown here. I also got another, smarter looking navy dress, shown here in coral as they don't seem to have the navy now. I only paid £32.95 despite it saying £39.95!

I also picked up the flowery necklace that I was wearing on here yesterday.

Whilst in town I popped into Gap. I have always loved the Gap, especially when in the US but recently have found it to be pretty hit and miss here. I don't think it helps that we have the most untidy and cramped store in Nottingham which doesn't make for a pleasant shopping experience, that reminds me, must go to Fosse Park as they have a much nicer shop...that said, I did have a browse through the sale rails. I picked up some smart blue trousers and a matching dress. I tried both on and decided, for once, to go for the trousers as I always have dresses. They are cobalt blue and will be lovely in the spring with some bright pink heels. They seemed a tiny bit short to be 7/8th's on me so I took down the hem and lengthened them slightly so they fit much better now. I am really looking forward to wearing them. Perhaps with this silky top, also in the sale for £9.99. The trousers were £14.99!

Finally I picked up these cute trousers from Whistles reduced from £125 to £35! They look nice with the spotty t-shirt above and will be lovely for spring. It is a bit hard to see on this photo but they have a slightly sporty look and a zip and drawstring fastening. 

I don't know about you all but I am soooo over the my winter wardrobe and really keen to move into the spring. I was even wondering the other day if it is too early to start planning my holiday packing for May, no? I guess we have to get rid of this pesky snow first!

So, what fabulous sale bargains did you pick up?

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