Thursday, 17 January 2013

Blog on my phone, wish me luck!

As we are stuck inside hiding from the snow I thought I'd have a look at if I can update my blog off my iPhone, it seems that maybe I can (if you are reading this then, yes, I can!) we did have plan to visit my lovely friends today but the snow was falling think and fast when it was time to go and I was worried about getting there and back with my precious twin cargo and so we gave it a miss (boo, sorry ladies)

As I type I have one twin on the sofa playing with the remote and the remains of a magazine she has ripped apart whilst sucking my slipper and the other on the floor eating his sock and wondering why he can't crawl yet, the floor is littered with toys they clearly don't need ha,ha! Well, as they are momentarily and unusually occupied I can work on this. Looking at the blog it seems that I've not posted any outfits since New Year's Day! How annoying not having the computer! If you have not already seem me on Facebook search Sarah Style and 'like' my page for regular updates!

Anyway, I know all you are really interested in is the outfits so I will try to upload some photos from the past few days!

Today I wore a coral coloured cardigan from the Gap outlet, my J Crew pants that I had when were on honeymoon a couple of years ago, a cream smartish sleeveless blouse from Zara that I just never seem to wear so thought I'd try it again today and I was please with it. I also wore a wallis sale necklace and some bargain 60p accessorise earrings.

The second outfit was what I wore yesterday when I went over to my parents for some lunch and knew I'd be sitting on the floor playing with the twins most of the day! My sister and I actually popped to Next as well to take some things back but I didn't see anything nice there at all!! I wore my new green cardigan that I had for Christmas from Cath Kidson, I seem to he wearing this a lot recently so am pleased with the purchase. I already have a green cardigan that I have had for years from H&M but it is looking tired and had been after a replacement. I wore the same j crew pants (Huum I do love these!) an a shirt I had a few years ago from White Stuff which has pretty birds and bird cages printed on it. Te necklace is so old I can't remember where it came from! Unfortunately there is a rip on the shoulder which I have made worse by wearing it, I'm not sure how it got there or if it can be repaired :-( I popped on my new spotty converse and we were good to go!

I'm not sure how the layout will look doing this on my phone by hopefully it will be ok until the computer is back! Happy reading!

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