Monday, 21 January 2013

Braving the outside world

As today felt like the 768th day in a row that we had not ventured outside I was glad of the opportunity to meet up with some friends from our baby group for a cuppa and a chat. We   only got round the corner but it was outside the same four walls so I felt a bit excited and it was lovely to see everyone. It is so nice to speak to people in the same situation as you, to chat about what our babies have been up to, I am very lucky to have such fabulous friends dotted all over the place!

If I'm honest I didn't need to make much of an effort when getting dressed as we were literally going to be sat around (making a mess - babies!) I put on my Next denim jeans as I had not worn them for a while and wanted to see if I liked them enough to include in the 30/30 challenge, turns out they have gone back in the wardrobe! Wasn't fussed enough about them to include them in one of my precious 30. I really struggle with jeans and am never happy with them, I seem to like a pair for a few wears and then go off them.

I also wore a red, white and navy striped t-shirt which I had from Gap a few months ago with the intention of pairing it with a red skirt but I think the cut of the t-shirt is wrong for the style of the skirt and I don't actually like how it hangs off my shoulders. Now I have worn it a few times I realise it is meant to be a looser style and I'm just not loving it. 

I have been thinking again, tonight about the challenge. I am waiting on the arrival of a dress I ordered in October but has only just been sent as it is from the Boden spring collection. I am hoping that this will fit and that it can become a versatile item for the challenge. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. I will take some photos tomorrow and post what I have chosen so far.

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