Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Stripes and florals

I keep seeing everywhere outfits where there is a complete contrast in the patterns and textures of the different items, for example a striped breton t-shirt with a floral skirt. I am mentally compiling different looks from items in my wardrobe and new ones that I need ha, ha. I think that this is more of a spring/summer look and can imagine this working well when there is less need for coats and tights.

Until then I thought I would mix it up a little bit and as we were off to see my lovely friend and her babies I put on a simple striped blue t-shirt which I had a few years ago from a little range at Whistles (I forget the name) and my 'boyfriend' (should that be husband?) fit jeans. I popped on my chunky floral necklace, which has similar pastel colours, and was good to go. Or at least I thought, in the 5 minutes before we left the house the twins pulled on the necklace about 50 times so I took it off to save for a more practical time, boo!

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