Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tired of typing

After another night of a certain little girl waking us up at 5am I felt absolutely awful this morning and the normal, simplest of tasks seemed to take forever. My morning was brightened greatly by a knock at the door from my friendly delivery lady. I think that maybe I have too much delivered as it seems she knows all about the twins, refers to my husband so obviously knows him, knows my parents and where they live as she text me (yes, we are that close!) and re arranged a delivery which she kindly took to theirs instead, and, I really don't know how she knows this, referred to my job when we were chatting about going back to work! To be honest, I don't really care how she knows as long as she keeps bringing my parcels!

Anyway, she had in her lovely parcel bearing hands a package from Anthropologie. I had my beady eye on a skirt there but it was £148, I know! It had gone down in the sale to a far more reasonable £37.95 but I was still unsure until I got an email saying there was a further 20% off making it even cheaper and I decided to go for it. I have mentioned before that I like websites that offer the buyer the chance to add a review of their purchase and I always try to do so. I think it helps so much when deciding. There was only one review of the skirt but it was positive so I ordered it. 

I love the wrapping, everything comes in lovely tissue paper, and inside was the skirt and I love it! The reviewer had said that it looked so much better on than in the packet and she was right. I loved it when I tried it on and think it will look best dressed down with a simple striped (of course!) t-shirt and pumps or flip flops in the summer. It could also be dressed up for a night out. The photo isn't that great as I forgot to take one until it was dark but it is a grey/silver colour and a thick silky material. I also love that it has pockets.

I wanted to wear something other than my jeans today and as we were all off for lunch at my Aunts with my Mum I put on a dress. I have only worn this typewriter dress once so far over Christmas and want to get some wear out of it before the summer comes as I think it is a bit more of a winter dress. I teamed it with the green patterned tights that I have posted on here before from Next and my green Cath Kidston cardigan.

P.s nearly ready to begin the challenge...

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