Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Birthday fun

It has been nice having Jonny off for the past few days and he is off work until the middle of next week so I am making the most of some extra pair of hands. I am angling for him to paint the kitchen but no luck so far...

We have been enjoying spending some time together which is very rare and I even managed to drag him to a pilates class last night. Before we had the twins we used to enjoy exercising together but as one of us needs to be here for them in the evening we have to go separately now which is a shame. We convinced my parents to sit with them and did a class. I was not impressed when he was told he is 'very flexible' after only going to one class, 'hello! I go every week' ha ha!

It has also meant that I have had a few spare minutes (ha ha, what are they?!) in the morning to think about what to wear. On Monday I wore a pink top from the Gap Outlet, a very old cardigan from H&M which has cute sequins on the pockets and some fab new jeans from Matalan of all places. I popped there the other day with my Mum and was actually pretty impressed with what they had in. They have a new 'weekend collection' which is some ways is not dissimilar to the weekend range at John Lewis but loads cheaper. I picked up a couple of vintage wash t-shirts and a jacket which is shown below. These jeans were £16 so a fab price and so far I really like them. I haven't washed them as yet but the fit is great and they stay up around the waist so I am not pulling them up all day which makes a change for a pair of jeans. 

Yesterday was my lovely sisters birthday and we went to my parents for a birthday tea. The twins were enjoying her clown birthday cake nearly as much as she was. My Mum made it for her as she used to have it when she was little.

I wore the new jacket from Matalan which I think could almost be mistaken for a Chanel number, ha ha. I wore it with a blue top that I have had for quite a while from Zara and some Next jeans. I also put on my chunky gold cuff which I have not worn for ages and a necklace that I got from Banana Republic when we were in New York.

As it seems that the snow is back, which does not impress me one bit, we haven't done anything all day apart from baby group this morning. We has planned a nice walk afterwards but when the snow came we stayed inside instead, boo! This morning I put on a navy J Crew t-shirt, the Matalan jeans and an old Gap jumper which I posted on here last week. 

Now it is going to be a very dull evening for me I think. Football is on and I'm not allowed to speak! There is only one thing for it...some internet shopping browsing!

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