Sunday, 10 February 2013

Finally he's back!

The day finally arrived when Jonny was back from his seemingly never-ending snowboarding holiday. I am definitely ready for another pair of hands around the place. I decided to surprise him at the train station with the twins and was really excited as he didn't think the twins would be there. Their little faces when they saw him were amazing, they were so happy and laughing and so pleased to see him. We had been wondering all week what they had been thinking as they probably aren't old enough to know that he wasn't there for a longer than normal period of time but they were clearly so excited when they saw him which was lovely.

In the morning they were a bit whiney so I decided to quickly get dressed and head out for a while to potter around and keep them occupied. I threw on my favourite J Crew cargo pants which I am slightly annoyed to find are becoming too baggy on me. I know this should be (and is) a good thing but I still want to wear my nice things! I put on a navy J Crew long sleeved t-shirt and my comfy cashmere zip up hoody that I have had for years from Marks and Spencer. It has probably seen better days but is is warm and soft and I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

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