Saturday, 9 February 2013

Double Denim

The past few days seem to have passed very quickly and I have been in bed early due to total exhaustion (and wanting to watch Miranda re runs!). These twins are hard work on my own but hubby is back tomorrow and I am going to make sure he makes up for lost time, starting with a lie in for Mummy!!

I spent Thursday at my sewing machine making a skirt with my Aunt whilst my Mum looked after the twins for a few hours. It is coming along nicely and will hopefully be finished sometime next week. 

On Friday my Mum and I took the twins over to Stoke to visit hubby's Mum and Nana for some lunch. It is normally an hour or so back and we were doing well until we hit the M1 where there had been a massive accident and the junction where we live was closed. We sat there for literally hours! My Mum ended up climbing in the back to sit with the twins and help them with their bottles which I luckily had. We left at 2.35pm and got home at 6.15pm! We were totally worn out and fed up.

I wore this outfit which I really liked and felt comfy in. A new navy and white spotted shirt from H&M which was a great find at £14.99. I have been after a white and navy spotted shirt (the opposite colour way to this) but have had no luck other than expensive ones so went for this and am really happy with it. I wore it with navy tapered leg chinos from Fat Face and my lush new boots from Next, also a bargain at £35. They are quite hard and are taking some bedding in but I like the heel and are really easy to walk in. I think that they will go with loads of things I own. Ideally I had been after a grey pair but have had no luck finding any at a reasonable price so went for these instead.

Today my sis and I popped to Decathlon to get a few bits. I have been after a pedometer for a while now to see how many steps I take in a day running around after the twins. Purely out of interest really. I was happy to find one for £8.99 which seemed to have all the functions I wanted. I have been wearing it this afternoon and it is a little temperamental and doesn't seem to be an exact measurement but so far not too bad. I'll see how I get on over the new few days. I also picked up a top for yoga.

I decided to go 'double denim' today which I know some people will not be impressed with! I like the look though if it is worn in the right way. I wore a chambray denim shirt which I have had for sometime from Gap and always love with some Gap jeans. I put on a short sleeved jumper for an extra layer of warmth, also from Gap that I have had for years and years. I've just realised, they should be sponsoring me! I decided to brave the new boots (which are now a bit sore) and try to break them in some more.

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