Thursday, 21 February 2013

Second cousin once removed?

We have spent the day with my family who are visiting and staying with my parents. Jonny, my sister, the twins and I joined my Mum and Dad, Aunt and Uncle, cousin and his wife and their three month old baby girl for the day. They are here overnight so will be re joining them in the morning. We spent a lovely day catching up and discussing/wondering/puzzling over what 'relation' we all were to each other. Obviously we know some but what are the twins to my cousin? What is their baby to the twins? It's all too confusing and I pretty much lost the train of thought after a few seconds!

I decided to team my lovely green jeans with a floral shirt for a nice spring look. However, it is clearly not spring as it is absolutely freezing! My jeans are from M&S, the shirt is a couple of years old from Fat Face and the chunky pearls and belt, which you may recognise as I wear them all the time, are from Primark and M&S.

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