Monday, 18 February 2013


On Saturday I went on a day trip to Lincoln with my Mum, sister, Auntie and cousin. It was the first full day I had left the twins as well although they were with their Daddy! We had a lovely day and the weather was great. There were lots of lovely little shops along the Steep Hill part of the city on the way to top and we strolled along and stopped for some lunch in a vintage tea room. I was glad we had not taken the twins as I didn't fancy walking up that steep hill with their pushchair or back down again.

I was in quite a hurry in the morning and forgot to take photos of my outfit before I put my coat on to run out the door! At the last minute I took some with my coat on! I wore a cream chunky jumper which I have previously posted about on here, a navy and white spotted shirt and the Matalan jeans I got last week. I decided to wear my comfy Uggs and I knew there would be some walking and my feet were killing me from wearing my heels the night before. I wore my Ralph Lauren trench and for a pop of colour a red satchel bag from Boden. 

This was, in fact, my sisters but she gave it to me, unused, some time ago and I have never taken in out of the packaging until now.

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