Monday, 11 March 2013

John Lewis lunch

How cold has it been today? Oh my goooood, I cannot believe the weather, snowing one minute and sunshine (although still freezing) the next. Anyway, we braved the cold and went to town with my Mum to get some presents for a certain Grandad's birthday later this week. I wont say what just in case he is reading!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love John Lewis, I mean really, there is nothing you need that you cannot get here! My sister and I were brought up on it and Jonny even jokes 'hang on, you brought something that wasn't from John Lewis' on the rare occasions that I venture away. I have been waiting since before the twins were born for them to be ready to go to the cafe and have one of their children's lunch bags. Obviously, they have eaten there a million times already but only my food so today was the big day! They sat so lovely and ate sandwiches, crisps and cookies and I was so happy! It is nice to take them to places they can sit up at the table and eat at the same time and you are not there for ages whilst they get restless and bored. I'm thinking child friendly restaurants all the way for us for a while, any suggestions welcome!

I decided to wear my Tkmaxx bargain Cynthia Rowley dress, the lovely Wolford tights, a very old favourite cardigan from H&M and some two colour boots from Matalan. Do you find that you have a few items of clothing that you have had for so long and worn a million times that you literally do not know what you would do without them? This green cardi is definitely one of them. 

I have been to yoga tonight, it was as relaxing as ever. I really look forward to my hour a week and only wish they did another session too that worked for me. I have seen a fitness yoga that I quite fancy as well but need to fit it around everything else going on, hubbys shifts etc. I go to Bramcote Leisure centre and love how there as so many different classes at all times of day and evening. I try to get at least a couple in a week.

Oooh and I got these lovelies, see, not from John Lewis...

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