Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Visitors and vintage

Today we had some lovely visitors, Jonnys Aunt, cousin and her little daughter Poppy. We decided to go to my old favourite, Relish in Beeston for some lunch. I cannot fault this place for always being so child friendly, relaxed and welcoming. And the food is great! As always, they made room for our two highchairs and the twins enjoyed their 'nibbly' plate for lunch which was nice. 

After lunch we took a stroll into the town to visit my favourite vintage shop. I have been raving about this place to Gemma for so long! I had not been for a while and the first thing that caught my eye was a hot pink dress they has displayed on the mannequin. It reminded me of something Kate Middleton would wear. It has a similar structure to it. I have an occasion in mind to wear it, if it works when I try it with some accessories and shoes. I would like to go for the nude shoe, like Kate, but I don't find the pair that I have very comfy so we shall have to see. It was a great price at £14.95. It was priced at £19.95 but I managed to haggle the price down, I know, I know, it all goes to the Sue Ryder charity but still, I felt it was over priced for that shop where everything is normally less than a tenner! I'm sure they have put their prices up recently as they are becoming more popular, maybe I should stop raving about them so people stop shopping there!

I decided on a casual look today pairing my Next skinnies with a nautical striped t-shirt from Matalan. This is from their 'vintage' look t-shirt range and has a slightly faded feel to it which I really like. I also put on the, ahem, 'Chanel' jacket which I have posted before. Although I have to admit that I decided against this at the last minute as it was so cold again and went for a navy Gap cardigan! I also wore this chunky gold necklace from H&M. You just can't go wrong with a statement necklace.

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